UX Design and Development course

UX Design and Development course

Welcome to one of the most interesting of career paths. But, what is a front-end dev? Someone who can design user experiences and interfaces? Someone who knows HTML and CSS as well as HAML, Jade, SLIM and Sass? Someone who knows jQuery and JavaScript? Someone who knows toolkits like Backbone and Angular as well as frameworks like Ember. Or someone who knows how to build scaleable UIs in backend development frameworks like .NET, Rails and Node? Someone who understands all the issues and features of ALL the browsers? Someone who understands what the future of the mobile web is? Someone who understands the wide range of opportunities and limiting restrictions of delivering web apps on handheld devices?

The answer to all of this is ... YES!


Books and other suggested resources

Throughout the course we will discuss various books and online-resources that we consider to be of quality material. These resources will be at extra cost to the student, but consider them of high value in regards to your new learning objectives.

The flow of things

The content outlined in this course is assembled in such way that it is intended to be read from front to back. Each new section will assume that the lessons from the prior section will have been completed. Once completed, it is assumed of course that the lessons provided here could be used as reference material.

Updated, edits and new content

All the material provided in this course is in constant flux. Where there are some things that have solidified, there are others that are extremely fluid. We try to keep this material up to date as much as possible, but if at any time you find something that is currently incorrect, we would love your feedback.

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