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HTML event handlers

Special event handlers that you can only use in the body

<body onLoad="alert('You have downloaded the internet')">

Event Handlers - let's make this interactive What's interesting is that this can be placed within the standard HTML

Within HTML attributes is where you inject the JavaScript

These are browser native controls - no need for additional programming

These events do not run automatically

<button onClick="alert('Wow, you clicked me'); alert('This is another box');">This is a button</button>

Notice the ; syntax. This allows you to concatenate instructions. While you can do this, it is probably better to make this into a function.

Let's get more crazy with event handlers

<p onMouseOver="alert('Why you in my space?');"> This is the danger area! </p>
<p onMouseOut="alert('you left my space!')"> This is a vacuum of space</p>

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