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Need to learn more about Gulp

The following are some interesting articles that need to be worked into this workshop Gitbook.

Getting Started With Gulp

This article will make the assumption that you have never used a task runner or command-line interface before and will walk through every step required to get up and running with gulp.


Roll Your Own Asset Pipeline with Gulp

I’ve found myself using Gulp for just about everything involving HTML/CSS/JS these days. It’s super fast, quick to write scripts for and flexible. I’m at a point now where I have a ton of projects I can just cd into, run gulp and be up and running. It’s the best solution I’ve found for delivering static assets whether for local development or production.


Advanced Gulp File

With gulp starting to find itself into my everyday workflow - I've started to understand its quirks and twists, and how to get along with it. My baseline gulfile.js has become a lot neater and advanced in its functionality that the one I originally developed back in March.