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Media Query & Asset Downloading Results


A little while back, I mentioned I was doing some research for the book about how images are downloaded when media queries are involved. To help with that, I wrote up some automated tests where Javascript could determine whether or not the image was requested and the results could be collected by Browserscope for review. I posted some initial findings, but I think I’ve got enough data now to be able to go into a bit more detail.

First, any credit has to go to the awesome team at Cloud Four. Most of the tests were created by them for some testing they were doing. I just added some Javascript to automate them.

On to the results!

This is an amazing in-depth research article that illustrates how media queries can effect what asset and when that asset is downloaded into the browser.

What may seem like common sense, it not always apparent when researching how code and the browsers work.

The results are interesting and the conclusion may surprise you.

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