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Coding for the Mobile Web


Good evening — in this article I will aim to demystify the world of mobile web development, or in other words, developing web sites so that they will provide an acceptable user experience on mobile devices. I’ll run through how “the mobile web” differs from the normal web, the basics of techniques you can employ to make your sites work sucessfully on both mobile and desktop browsers, some general DOs and DON’Ts for mobile web design, and numerous resources where you can go to find out more information.

How does the mobile web differ from the normal web?

This is a good question — first maybe we should start by answering the question what is the mobile web? after all, there isn’t a separate mobile web that users of mobile devices plug into, leaving the desktop web for when they get home in front of their home computer. When I say mobile web, I mean the Web as viewed through mobile devices.

At Opera, we passionately dedicate ourselves to creating browsers that allow you to view the whole web, regardless of (dis)ability or browsing device. There is one and only one web, and you can make this one web work for everyone on every device as long as you treat it with a bit of care and respect and follow web standards when creating your sites. There are exceptions to this rule however — in some cases separate mobile sites DO make sense, as you’ll see below.