UX Design and Development course

Core UX

The following articles and lessons will include information for the consideration of how to be a forward thinking UX'er in an Agile workflow.

Doing UX in an Agile World: Case Study Findings


Summary: Agile teams are more proficient in executing the development process, but the compressed timescale forces some to abandon user research and degrade the resulting user experience.

Agile development processes are popular among programmers, and for several years we have studied how to best integrate Agile methods and user experience methods to create great products that don’t abandon usability while chasing after speedy programming. Our earlier research considered the broad perspective, so we now dive into a smaller number of projects to collect deeper insights for our new course on Lean UX and Agile.

I recently interviewed eight professionals who work in Agile environments to learn about their journey, their successes and failures. I spoke with people ranging from User Experience (UX) designers to developers and product owners. All worked in an Agile environment for at least two years.

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